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  • [ Member Services/Event ] Member grade guidance

  • [ Member related ] Member withdrawal method

    Information modification - membership withdrawal

    Enter [Information modification] in the upper right corner and enter your password once more to access the member information modification page.

    Click the "Remove Member" button in the lower right corner to proceed with the withdrawal.

    Please make a careful decision as the reserve/deposit amount will be deleted if you withdraw.

    Thank you.

  • [ Member Services/Event ] Register coupon certificate number

    My Shopping - Mycoupon - Register coupon authentication number - Enter coupon authentication number - coupon number authentication

    If you register the authentication number of the coupon issued by JTL shop, it is issued as a coupon and can be issued.

    Also, you cannot use the coupon again.

    Thank you.

  • [ Payment/Delivery ] Unbanked Account Information

    Make the payment method 'no bankbook deposit' and write the same name as the buyer's name on the deposit holder for fast progress.

    Industrial Bank of Korea 201-09-60486

    Depositor Medplus

    If you don't want to pay the account number above, we'll help you with the shipping process as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  • [ Member Services/Event ] Reservation/Executive Guide

  • [ Exchange/Return/Refund ] Return/exchange/AS related information


    My Shopping - Order Check - Ordering Product Information - Return/Exchange Process.

    <Repair A/S>

    There are A/S repair products in the category such as lupe, oral camera, and photopolymer.

    Click Purchase by listing the repair symptoms and contact information and we will assist you with the application for A/S immediately.

    For other product repair inquiries, call Customer Center at +82 2 954-9111.

    Thank you.

  • [ Other ] Receipts/evidence documents output method

    Tax invoice issue guidance

    1. Under Article 54 of the Value Added Tax Act, you can only request a tax invoice from the date of delivery until the 10th of next month.
    2. Tax invoice can only be applied by the business operator.
    3. Tax invoice issue can only be applied for orders that have been shipped.
    4. [Apply for tax invoice] Press button to fill out the application form for the tax invoice and fax the business registration certificate to generate the tax invoice.
    5. Press the [Print Tax invoice] button to print the issued tax invoice.

    Credit card sales slip and tax invoice change according to change of value added tax method

    1. Under the changed value added tax law, you cannot issue tax invoices for orders made with credit cards after 2004.7.1.
    2. You must report VAT as a credit card sales slip (Article 57 of the Enforcement Decree of the Value Added Tax Act)
    3. Please note that the tax invoice can only be issued for payments other than credit cards according to the above changes in value added tax law.

    Cash receipt information

    1. A cash receipt is issued for one or more cash transactions (non-bank deposit, real-time account transfer, escrow, deposit).
    2. The cash receipt issue amount includes shipping costs and does not include the reserved amount.
    3. The cash receipt limited by the period of issuance application must be issued within 48 hours from the date of deposit confirmation.
    4. There is no time limit for cancellation of cash receipt issue. (It may be changed according to the policy of the National Tax Service.)
    5. Only one of the cash receipts or tax invoices can be issued.

    Thank you.




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